2023 S/A
manual industrial products
Adding a new design to the lineup each season, We have been trying to design
the process of the object being made on Hommage collection. By considering sneakers as a type of industrial product,
We wanted to re-design them so that they look different by making in a different producing process, the manual industry.
You will feel the unique taste of the manually crafted sneakers, which are generally thought to be industrial products.
This uniqueness is created by the workmen exerting their professionalism into each production process.
In terms of the material, tanned leather is used on the sneakers so that users can enjoy the deepness of the leather.
Since soles are changeable, these sneakers can be used for a long period.
'assemble' is a collection of leather items that are 'assembled' and formed by riveting leather patterns, without sewing processes, like making a plastic model kit. The simple, unlined structure gives the products a more minimal look and highlights the natural color of the interior cowhide against the gloss leather exterior.
science vase:化瓶
'science vase' is created based on the idea of giving a different function to an existing product and change its mode, by combining handcrafted leather with industrial laboratory glassware. By combining vegetable tannin leather with glass containers such as flasks and Petri dishes, the laboratory equipment is transformed into new tools such as vases and objects. The environment where they are used will change from a laboratory to a living space such as a living room. The vegetable tanned leather will develop a patina over time and use, creating a new timeline for the products.
left to right
"left to right" is one of Hender Scheme's sustainable practices. This product line has continued since the beginning of the brand. For example, the products are made from floor leather, which is created during the making process and has few uses and is discarded. These items have a unique texture and assorted colors that are positive. Make the left (excess) right (appropriate). By changing the way we look at spilled materials and overlooked materials, and by pouring ideas into them, Hender Scheme gives them their proper place.