2018 S/S
Introduction for “typical color exception”
Free ride on one’s experience and imagination by the color scheme.
Secondary use for typical associations of the color combination.

For “manual industrial products”, I try to convey a manufacturing process more clearly by reinterpreting material outline of iconic image.
The new line “typical color exception” is aimed at reminding one of memories and information that color gives us by combining the typical color scheme which is well known by public with the standard style of classic leather shoes.  
This is because I realized that there is a significant difference of color combinations between leather shoes and sneakers since I have been wondering about the color scheme of footwear, especially its kinds and combinations.
If this typical color scheme has an influence on the way of one’s wearing shoes, a multiplied typical things might make an exception all at once (typical×typical=exception).
Introduction for Hommage Lineups
Adding a new design to the lineup each season, We have been trying to design
the process of the object being made on Hommage collection. By considering sneakers as a type of industrial product,
We wanted to re-design them so that they look different by making in a different producing process, the manual industry.
You will feel the unique taste of the manually crafted sneakers, which are generally thought to be industrial products.
This uniqueness is created by the workmen exerting their professionalism into each production process.
In terms of the material, tanned leather is used on the sneakers so that users can enjoy the deepness of the leather.
Since soles are changeable, these sneakers can be used for a long period.