• Hender Scheme × G-SHOCK

    We made a collaboration watch with G-SHOCK. Gathering the each brand’s specialities into the product, we made a watch which tells time in 2 different ways. Hender Scheme designed the watch and the leather belt. The case has a minimal design moving the informations of buttons to backside. The handsewn leather belt is manufactured by Hender Scheme. Its leather is processed by using the tanning method called “pit tanning” to make a firm belt as G-SHOCK is well known for its “toughness.” The vegetable tanned leather will gradually get aged by use.  While the tough digital watch tells accurate time, you can feel the march of time from the aging of the leather belt.


    Made of 3.5mm cow leather which we use for insoles and soles. Made patterns by using the differences between finishes of the leathers.

  • Hender Scheme × karimoku

    "Hender Scheme × Karimoku" products will be in stores from Jul. 10th. "カリモク(Karimoku)"  is well known as a top Japanese furniture brand with 76 years history, and for making new designs. We proudly announce that we became the first fashion brand collaborated with Karimoku. This collaboration started with the our designer's idea "to make products which has the harmonized surface of leather and wood.” We designed the products to remain charactaristic of its nature, so the products can get more originalities used by  each owners. We shared this ideas and made two products,a chair and a pairs of sabot sandals. We hope these products to be loved as owers use them and get more charastalistics by use and aging.

  • manufacture / winter of 2014

    Before we started the brand Hender Scheme, we have long been familiar with the unique character and charm Asakusa has. People in Asakusa have a reputation for being warmhearted and supportive neighbors yet strangers are not always welcome here. Coming from this neighborhood, we decided to publish this book to faithfully present the excellence and kindness as well as fastidiousness of the skilled craftsmen we work with.   The manufacturer passes the product to the purchaser. The people who use it then will continue to complete the product.The process and progress is illustrated in this book.

  • fashion’s shout out / NOV.5th 2011

    We free distribute bag at fashion’s night out which is made
    by tyvek to ask people’s opinion.